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Wisconsin EMS Memorial Fund


In Wisconsin there has been no central location to honor those in our industry. Whether honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to others, or honoring those continuing to provide these invaluable services within their communities, there was not a location to do so. This also meant there was no place for the public to recognize our line of duty deaths or those individuals whose daily actions have made our chosen vocation or avocation one of importance and endeared by the communities we serve.

    Thankfully, that all changed earlier this year when the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial was officially reorganized and became the Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial (WFEM). With a beautiful 7.5 acre park located along the West bank of the Wisconsin River within the city of Wisconsin Rapids, the park will now be a centrally located site within the State memorializing our industry and those that have given their lives while in the service of EMS or paramedicine.


The WEMSA Foundation serves as a primary funding source for this new EMS Memorial, including the construction and upkeep of the park.

EMS Memorial Site Rendering 1.jpg

EMS Monument

The new EMS Monument is the staple monument representing EMS at the park. This monument will stand over 11.5 feet tall, representing the Star of Life both from an initial glance to an aerial view.

Proposed Project Plan

The proposed project plan was created by a local architect creating a unique experience for those who visit the memorial, exemplifying EMS and memorializing those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

EMS Memorial Drawings_Page_2.jpg



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