How You Can Help

The Foundation’s Mission seeks to address the needs, and provide the means, to further the opportunities for the education and training of emergency medical services personnel; and to improve the health and well-being of communities through education to have a greater awareness of issues involving emergency medicine. Donors and corporate sponsors continue to be the key to our conference’s continued success. With your help, we have brought in over 500 national speakers and expanded the knowledge of over 50,000 EMS providers. This conference would not be as successful without our generous supporters. As a donor, your organization’s name and description of donation is proudly displayed on conference signage displayed throughout the event.

There are many ways you can help the WEMSA Foundation. As a charitable organization, the WEMSA Foundation relies heavily on the support of donors and volunteers to meet its objectives. You can help by making a donation of money or time.


Donate In Person by calling: 414-431- 8193

Donate by Mail: Send check or money order to Wisconsin EMS Foundation at 26422 Oakridge Drive, Wind Lake, WI 53185

**Please include your mailing address