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Service of the Year

Criteria: Offered to recognize one of the many individuals whose efforts enhance EMS in Wisconsin through their actions as a Nurse, Law Enforcement Officer, Pilot, Supervisor or other individual who would not fit into the other categories for individual recognition.

Eligibility: The nomination can speak to either a continuous positive effort that enhances the quality of EMS or can speak to a specific individual event.  This is a WEMSA  only award.

WEMSA requests nominations for its annual awards that recognize individuals and organizations for making a significant contribution to EMS in Wisconsin in the past year.

Anyone is allowed to make nominations unless otherwise noted. The awards selection committee made up of EMS professionals outside of Wisconsin will select winning entries.

This is a brand new Appreciation & Excellence Service Award, we have modeled our awards nomination forms off the National EMS Awards, and the Kansas EMS Association Awards process.  

Below is a link to the individual nomination form for EMS Support Person of the Year. All award nominations for 2019 must be submitted electronically by May 15, 2019.

Nomination Form